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10/11/2021 2:15:11 p.m.

For November we take a look at the impending Chinese New Year and the possible supply chain disruptions that this will bring. There is also some background on what “The Year of the Tiger” actually means! Finally we look at the impact of EV’s on the lithium supply chain (especially pricing) and also the complex manufacturing process that goes into producing these in-demand battery technologies. There is also a handy calendar at the end of the report which diarises the 2022 public holidays in China.

4/10/2021 3:31:43 p.m.

Supply chain problems continue to be driven predominantly by manufacturing lead-time extensions and global shipping delays, with little sign of easing. These issues are now being exacerbated by port strikes in Australia and ongoing power outages in China (some of them to our Ivent factories). With Christmas looming this will put more pressure on the shipping lines and then of course we have Chinese New Year just around the corner… good times!

3/09/2021 2:29:14 p.m.

So you thought Lithium pricing will remain stable and the global supply chain will improve in 2022... well think again! 😕 The indicators are still not looking good for the embattled electronics industry as we move toward 2022. With LFP batteries gaining more popularity around the world we see the powerhouse Lithium producers of China starting talking of price increases. 

3/08/2021 11:32:21 a.m.

As much as the supply chain dramas continue globally with shipping/production lead-times and pricing continuing to push up, we thought we would take a look at solar panel technology… just for a change away from the logistics doom and gloom! Our partner in solar technology, WSL Solar have been an excellent partner over many years and have managed to keep pricing and lead-times under control in these recent difficult times. 

Please contact the team at Ivent with any solar requirements you may have for existing or new projects.

8/07/2021 2:29:05 p.m.

Times are certainly getting more stressful with continued pressure on lead-times and pricing. We are still seeing price increases on virtually all orders placed, even if quoted only one week earlier. We saw this month that incredibly some freight companies are not even accepting new shipments, further compounding the long production and shipping lead-times. If you have any questions or concerns with any urgent inventory requirements please let the team at Ivent know, we are here to help through our myriad of supply chain solutions. 

3/06/2021 11:28:06 a.m.

Shipping statistics and some of the root causes of the supply chain issues are discussed, along with further information on lead-times. There has also been a COVID outbreak in a key shipping port for the Shenzhen area which is causing further delays. 

As always, if you have any questions or concerns around lead-times, pricing or urgent inventory requirements please let the team at Ivent know, we are here to help. 

4/05/2021 2:15:58 p.m.

Focus remains on the very difficult supply chain situation continuing to hit the industry. Included is also a handy calendar for the annual Chinese holidays (factory closures) and we welcome our newest (cutest) staff member…! If you have any questions at all about lead times, pricing, or inventory levels please let us know. We are working closely with all of our customers to ensure continuity of supply through this challenging period.

1/04/2021 3:19:37 p.m.

Happy Easter! Such an eggciting time of year... The Easter Bunny has definitely come early and delivered the latest Market Trends report! Once again we look at the huge pressure on the supply chain at present, especially around the procurement of semiconductors and displays.

Have a great Easter break and stay safe out there… the roads are going to be craaaayzeeeee!

1/03/2021 2:15:56 p.m.

Latest industry news contained in the Ivent Market Trends Report, check it out now! We look at the continuing price and leadtime pressure, as well as checking in on our old friends... passive components! 

Crazy times we find ourselves in yet again as the COVID-19 pandemic rolls on. Auckland is now in Alert Level 3 (only for a week hopefully!) so there are a host of restrictions across the city. Ivent is an essential business and as such we are remaining open (this applies across ALL alert levels). Please just continue your interaction with Ivent as you normally would. I would like to emphasize again that there will be no interruptions to any logistical or manufacturing activities that Ivent provides to its customers.

Any questions at all please feel free to get in touch with your normal Ivent contact or email

16/02/2021 7:39:33 a.m.




To our valued customers and partners



Ivent Operations


The team at Ivent would like to provide an update on our COVID-19 response given the latest Level 3 lockdown now in force in the Auckland area.


Ivent is classified as an essential business and as such will be continuing to operate as normal. As the COVID-19 alert level has now moved to “Level 3” the bulk of our team are now working from home. Sales, customer service, engineering and logistics are all operational at home as of this morning. Our normal main phone numbersDDI numbers and mobile numbers are all active so please contact us as you would normally.


Our warehouse and factory is operational with all staff operating on site at Ivent. Inwards and outwards shipments will also continue as normal. If your business has any specific requirements during this lockdown period please contact your Customer Service Representative or Account Manager at Ivent.



Supply Chain

We are in close contact with our global supply chain partners and freight forwarders to ensure we mitigate any threats relating to the supply of product and services to our customers. We have been actively monitoring the situation for the last 12 months and will continue to update you as information comes to hand or any threats are identified. Shipping lines remain very busy, and leadtimes will continue to increase, however these influences were present prior to the current lockdown. With Chinese New Year well underway in Asia at present, hopefully the current lockdown is reasonably well timed, especially if it only lasts 3-7 days as is being suggested.



Confidence in Ivent Solutions

Rest assured our business operation is strong, stable and secure. We are well equipped to continue business over the coming weeks no matter how challenging this new lockdown becomes. Significant investment and resource has been committed within the business to ensure full remote connectivity for all staff in both our IT and communications infrastructure. Doing business in these times is a little different to what we are all used to, but we can be just as effective and efficient.


When further information is released by the government over the coming days we will update you further as to our response plan moving forward.


Finally, please take care of yourselves and your loved ones in the coming days and weeks.



10/11/2021 2:19:24 p.m.

4/10/2021 3:29:58 p.m.

3/09/2021 2:24:29 p.m.

3/08/2021 11:34:28 a.m.

8/07/2021 2:27:14 p.m.

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