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3D SMD Antenna for TAG PCBA 3D11 25 125kHz, 11.6mm x 11.6mm, 6-pin, Revision 33D Antenna 7.1-9.0mH - Revision 30061112912/12/2022
3D SMD Antenna, 125kHz, 11.6mm x 11.6mm, 6-pin, 7.1mH-9.0mH3D Antenna, 6-pin, SMD, 7.1-9.0mH0061129517/10/2022
Nylon Spacer M8 12mm OD 5mm LNylon Spacer M8 12mm OD 5mm L01-8NE0522/08/2022
M3 Nylon washer, 0.5mm thickness, 3.1mm(ID) x 7.1mm(OD)M3 Nylon Washer03-PNW3/7A527
Black plastic plug, locking, barbed shaftBlack Plug, Barbed, Locking04-XTS614194
PCB Support post, nylon, M3 female screw, firm locking grip, 4mm PCB hole diameter4mm M3 Screw PCB Nylon Support Post05-PBU10200
M2.5 x 5mm Nylon screw pan slot headM2.5 x 5mm Nylon Screw08-PNS2.5-05PS8000
This sturdy black BLA Battery Box has a cushioned base to suit most common marine batteries. Thisbattery box has rubber feet incorporated to reduce vibrations and shock impact on the battery inside.The non-slip feet raise the battery box 10mm (when empty) to allow water and debris to pass beneathto eliminate moisture and build-up underneath the box.

BLA Battery Box Features:

Inside length: 325mm Inside width: 180mmInside height: 227mm Outside height: 302mmFeet height: 10mmLarge Marine Battery Box1151111
White shaft cover for DRG-310ERF rotary encoder 3:3 pin out (real code) UL94V-0 grade plasticShaft Cover for DRG-310ERF118-8010019/09/2022
MAX-LOC Strain Relief Cord-Sealing Grip, 1/2" NPT, Straight Male with O-Ring, Cable Diameter6.35mm-7.93mm (.250-.312"), Woodhead 5524W1/2" NPT Cord Sealing Grip 6.3mm-7.9mm130098-005635
MAX-LOC Strain Relief Cord-Sealing Grip, 3/4" NPT, Straight Male with O-Ring, Cable Diameter11.10mm-12.70mm (.437-.500"), Woodhead 5536W3/4" NPT Cord Sealing Grip 11.1mm-12.7mm130098-009935
MAX-LOC Strain Relief Cord-Sealing Grip, 1" NPT, Straight Male with O-Ring, Cable Diameter19.05mm-22.23mm (.750-.875"), Woodhead 5556W1" NPT Cord Sealing Grip 19.1mm-22.2mm130098-015735
Monitor/LCD adjustable bracket, 2-axis, VESA mount, outdoor rated, complete with mountinghardware and levelMonitor VESA Bracket, Outdoor Rated174SS17/10/2022
Hole Plug TPE Bung type 6.0mm Hole6mm Hole Plug22-PHD061525
QTT13000 2M13000 Ceramic Fish Spine Bead No. 0 ROHS Compliant (59500pcs / Kg)Ceramic Fish Spine Bead3M1300019/09/2022
M6 HEX Pressed Nut (low profile) zinc platedM6 Pressed Nut45P6U264
4-Port Irrigation manifold, 2 x 1" male NPT ball valves, 1 x 1" female NPT port, 1 x 3/4" femaleNPT port, 2 x 1/2" NPT female ports, all fittings glued and sealed, as per approved technicaldrawings and samples

Correct manifold fittings order as follows ->

1" BSP M ball valve -> 1" NPT F port -> 3/4" NPT F port -> 1/2" NPT F port -> 1/2" NPT F port -> 1"BSP M ball valve4-Port Irrigation Manifold4PORT-MANIFOLD30/07/2022
Loctite 2701 Green Pipe & Thread Sealant Liquid for Threadlocking. 50 ml Bottle, -55 to +150CLoctite 2701 Thread Sealant508-664922/08/2022
PCB Mount fuse holder, 250V 6.3A rating, 5mm x 20mm fuse size, 22.6mm PCB pitch (includes cover)PCB Mount Fuse Holder, 20mm x 5mm563-75646
Silicone adhesive thermal transfer pasteSilicon Adhesive Thermal Paste849-74004
Dow Corning Sylgard DC527 A & B Di-electric gel kit, 36.3KG (#2068001)Dow Corning DC527 A/B Di-Electric Gel94529527/06/2022
2.1mm Ceramic Fish Spine Bead (No. 0), 95% alumina ceramic material, white, 18kV withstandingvoltage, ROHS compliant2.1mm Ceramic Fish Spine BeadA00190117/10/2022
9mm Ceramic insulating tube, 95% alumina ceramic material, white, 18kV withstandingvoltage, ROHS compliant9mm Ceramic Insulating TubeA00190217/10/2022
OKW Desktop enclosure off-white Comtec 150 series 150mm x 200mm x 52mmOKW Desktop EnclosureA0615007100
DATEC Pocket Box M (Black), ABS, IP54 sealed, 105mm x 58mm x 18.5mmDATEC Pocket Box M (Black)A907111919/09/2022

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