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2700Hz SMD Magnetic buzzer 5VDC 30mA 80dB sound pressure 9.6mm x 9.6mm x 5.5mm2.7kHz SMD Magnetic BuzzerAD-1005S-BM117/09/2024
2710Hz SMD Magnetic buzzer, 2-4VDC 80mA, 85dB soundpressure, 8.5mm x 8.5mm x 4.0mm, top port sound vent2.7kHz SMD 3.6VDC Magnetic BuzzerAD-8504-1BX17/09/2024
2730Hz SMD Magnetic buzzer, 3-5VDC 100mA, 82dB sound pressure, 8.5mm x 8.5mm x 3.0mm, top portsound vent2.7kHz SMD 3.6VDC Magnetic BuzzerAD-8504-CQ141,000
SMD Piezo Buzzer 5V4.0kHz SMD 5VDC Magnetic BuzzerAPD-1205-PQ117/09/2024
4000Hz SMD 5VDC Buzzer 5mA 73dB 14mm x 14mm case size4.0kHz SMD 5VDC Magnetic BuzzerAPD-1405S-PT791
4000Hz SMD 9VDC Piezoelectric buzzer, 3mA, 85dB @ 10cm, 14mm diameter package (6mm profile), topsound port4.0kHz SMD 9VDC Piezo BuzzerAPD-R1409-PU400
2.7kHz SMD Magnetic buzzer, 8.5mm x 8.5mm x 4.3mm, 3.6V, 100mA, 85dB sound pressure, TOP soundemission port, Kapton sticker fitted, as per approved samples and technical datasheet2.7kHz SMD 8.5mm Magnetic BuzzerDSTB-858540S-27-1617/09/2024
4.5kHz 12VDC 80dB Through hole buzzer, 10000pF capacitance, 1-25VDC operating voltage range,6.5mm PCB pitch, 12.15mm diameter4.5kHz 12VDC PTH BuzzerDSTPB-1275P-45-1217/09/2024
4kHz SMD Piezo ceramic buzzer 5VDC 10mA 85dB pressure level self drive internal circuit 1.2mmPCB Silicon glued terminals and wires as per approved samples and approved drawings4kHz 5VDC SMD BuzzerDSTPB-1465S-40-5M120
Through hole piezo buzzer 5VDC 4kHz 3-15VDC operating voltage range 6mA4kHz 5VDC PTH BuzzerDSTPB-1475P-40-51,000
2800Hz +/-500Hz 12VDC Panel mount piezoelectric audio buzzer, 3-20VDC operating voltage, 96dBsound output at 30cm, 41.8mm x 16mm, 140mm red/black UL1007 AWG28 flying leads2800Hz Panel Mount Piezo Audio BuzzerEPI-42C2812L6/08/2024
4.5KHz 12mm 80dB Buzzer, 12V 5mA, 6.5mm PCB pitch4.5kHz 12mm 80dB BuzzerEPT-12A4512P17/09/2024
4KHz 17mm 85dB Buzzer 10mm PCB pitch4KHz 17mm 85dB BuzzerEPT-17D4005P2,600
2731Hz SMD Magnetic transducer, 5VDC 80mA 85dB sound pressure, 4.5mm (H) x 9mm diameter PPS body,supplied with kapton protective label2731Hz SMD Magnetic BuzzerMT24-E5GPSXR2,800
2700Hz SMD Magnetic buzzer 5VDC 30mA 85dB sound pressure 9.6mm x 9.6mm x 5.0mm2.7kHz SMD Magnetic BuzzerSMB-9650A-05027J59
5200Hz SMD Piezo buzzer, 5VDC 3mA, 75dB sound pressure at 10cm, 7000pF electrostaticcapacitance, top sound port, 2-pad, 10mm diameter x 3.1mm height5.2kHz SMD Piezo BuzzerSPT-1030A-05052TJ1/08/2024
10W 4-ohm 50mm Speaker, circular cone, square frame, 83dB, 0-20kHZ frequency rangeSpeaker 4-Ohm 10W 50mmYD50-2420/08/2024

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