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Dow Corning Sylgard DC527 A & B Di-electric gel, 8KG kit (4KG of each part) - #2115387Dow Corning DC527 A/B Di-Electric Gel2115387-8KG16/06/2024
Loctite 2701 Green Pipe & Thread Sealant Liquid for Threadlocking. 50 ml Bottle, -55 to +150CLoctite 2701 Thread Sealant508-664921/04/2024
Silicone adhesive thermal transfer pasteSilicon Adhesive Thermal Paste849-74003
Dow Corning Sylgard DC527 A & B Di-electric gel kit, 36.3KG (#2068001)Dow Corning DC527 A/B Di-Electric Gel9452950
Dow Corning 734 flowable RTV Silicone sealantDow Corning 734 RTV Flowable SealantDOW-CORNING-73419/05/2024
Electrolube HPA200H High Performace Acrylic Conformal Coating - 200ml.

A flexible, fast drying transparent acrylic conformal coating for the protection of electroniccircuitry formulated to meet the highest defence and aerospace requirements. This product has beenformulated for professional use only.

- High performance flexible acrylic coating - Approved to US MIL-1-46058C- UV trace for inspection - Excellent electrical properties- Excellent clarity, ideal for LED application - May be removed with solvents such as ultrasolve(ULS)Electrolube High Performance CoatingHPA200H24/03/2024
Marley MCS Solvent cement (white)Marley MCS Solvent Cement (White)MARLEY-MCS10/03/2024
10g Silica gel desiccant non-woven bag, 8cm x 5cm10g Silica Bag 8cm x 5cmMS-5-1016/06/2024
10g Silica gel desiccant non-woven bag, 7cm x 6cm10g Silica Bag 7cm x 6cmMS-9-1010,000
Silcoset 158 (RTV 1008A) Black adhesive sealant, 1-part, high temperature, thixotropic, tack freein approximately 15 minutes, full curing in 24 hoursSilcoset 158 Black Adhesive SealantSILCOSET-15816/06/2024
Organic silicone adhesive sealant, grey colour, high temperature (-40c to +180c), 1.50Mpa, 40 +/-5HsA hardness, 300% break elongation, 2600ml tubeGrey Silicone Sealant Adhesive 2600MLTBL-623721/04/2024
Organic silicone adhesive sealant, black, high temperature (-50c to +280c), 2.56Mpa, 2600ml tubeBlack Silicone Sealant Adhesive 2600MLTN668-2600ML21/04/2024
Organic silicone adhesive sealant, black, high temperature (-50c to +280c), 2.56Mpa, 300ml tubeBlack Silicone Sealant Adhesive 300MLTN668-300ML21/04/2024

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