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Wire to Board Connectors
Wire to Board Connectors

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Female crimp connector housing, 2mm, 12-position, dual row (2x6), 22-24AWGFemale Connector Housing 12-pin 2mm10073599-012LF20/08/2024
Micro-SD card connector, SMD 8-pin, top mounting, locking door, 10u" Gold (AU) platingMicro-SD Card SMD Connector112C-TBAR-R0217/09/2024
9-pin Vertical mount, friction locking (shrouded), pin header, 2.54mm pitch, tin plated pins,polyamide nylon insulator9-pin Friction Lock Vertical Pin Header22-23-209123/07/2024
8-Pin Micro-Fit female housing, 3mm pitch, locking, GWIT, black polyamide (PA) nylon8-pin Micro-Fit Female Housing43025-080817/09/2024
10-Pin Micro-Fit female housing, 3mm pitch, locking, GWIT, black polyamide (PA) nylon10-pin Micro-Fit Female Housing43025-100817/09/2024
3mm Female Micro-Fit terminal3mm Female Terminal for Micro-Fit43030-000117/09/2024
3mm Female Micro-Fit crimp terminal, selective gold plating, 20-24AWG wire size3mm Female Terminal for Micro-Fit43030-000220/08/2024
2-Pin Micro-Fit connector, 3mm, female housing, locking type, GWIT rated2-Pin 3mm Female Housing Locking43645-021017/09/2024
DC JackDC Jack4840.2200-ND74
7-Pin PicoBlade SMD Male header connector, right-angle mounting, 1.25mm pitch, locking,natural polyamide (PA46) nylon, UL94V-07-pin PicoBlade R/Angle SMD Male Header53261-077123/07/2024
32-Pin Male DIN 41612 connector, PTH, vertical mount gold flash pins, 2.54mm pitch, UL94V-0thermoplastic housing32-Pin Male DIN41612 Connector PTH922132692223/07/2024
6P4C RJ11 SMD Connector, top contact, 6u" gold plated pins, black PA9T heat resistant polyamideinsulator, UL64V-0RJ11 6P4C Connector PCB Mount9778-6414-LFG2,000
6P6C RJ12 SMD Connector, top contact, 6u" gold plated pins, black PA9T heat resistant polyamideinsulator, UL64V-0 PA9T housing, blackRJ12 6P6C SMD Connector PCB Mount9778-6614-LFG889
RJ45 Ethernet connector, 8P8C, single port with LED's (green/green), right angle, PCB mount withlocking posts, UL94V-0 rated, FCC part 68, sub-part FRJ45 Ethernet Connector PCB Mount 8P8C9801-8814-100D-L3T1-B17/09/2024
CONN RCPT 3mm 20POS DL MATE-N-L Housing20-way (2x10) Connector Housing 3mmA30302-ND208
Studiomate A45F1N3 DC jack3-pin Studiomate Locking Cable PlugA45F1N320/08/2024
20-pin SMD LVDS connector, right angle, locking, 100VAC 1A maximum rating, UL94V-0 thermal plastichousing, Tin plated pins20-pin SMD LVDS Locking ConnectorACE1407948420/08/2024
PCB Mount DC Jack, 24V 3A, vertical mount, PBT4815 housing (UL94V-0)DC Jack Connector PCB MountDCD-020-30B3,003
High current DC jack 5 Amp 16VDC vertical PCB mount PBT plastic body suitable for use with5.5mm male DC plugs Copper alloy platingHigh Current DC JackDJ-006H-PBT-B1,000
USB A Connector, vertical PCB mount, black, locking posts, UL94V-0, Gold/Tin platedUSB Type A Connector, Vertical PCB MountR2950-AS-A-011,600
USB Type B DIP connector, 4-pin, right angle, Gold 1-3u" plating on Tin 120u", PCB mounting postsUSB Type B Connector, DIP, 4-PinR2950-BR-A-02-1.112/11/2024
USB "B" Connector, vertical PCB mount, black, locking postsUSB Type B Connector, Vertical PCB MountR2950-BS-A400
SMD Micro USB connector 30u Gold plated 5-pinSMD Micro USB ConnectorR2950-MCR-BR-IA-0217/09/2024
7-Pin Vertical mount FPC connector 2.54mm single row7-Pin FPC ConnectorR3202-07TS15/10/2024
250 Female terminal, brass, 0.3mm thickness, 18-20AWG crimping wire gauge, 6000pcs per reel250 Female TerminalR40250F-M8-517/09/2024

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