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2V 300Ah Gel Battery

  • Availability:11/09/2024
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[T:Description] Introducing the 2V 300Ah Gel Battery VRLA – the perfect solution for all your power needs. This long-lasting battery offers long-term consistent power for your home alarm and security systems, as well as backup power for energy storage and solar applications. In addition, it is an excellent choice for an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). [BR] [BR] The 2V 300Ah Gel Battery VRLA is designed to allow for very deep discharges and greater capacity than the traditional VRLA battery. Not only does this give it a longer life, but it also provides consistent power over longer periods. And thanks to its gel technology, it is also spill proof and non-hazardous, making it safer than other batteries. [BR] [BR] The 2V 300Ah Gel Battery VRLA is reliable, durable and efficient. With its long life and deep discharge capabilities, it is an ideal choice for any number of applications, from home security to energy storage. So if you're looking for a dependable and powerful battery, then look no further – the 2V 300Ah Gel Battery VRLA is the perfect solution. [T:Tech Specs] Nominal voltage: 2V 300Ah [BR] Type: Gel Battery VRLA [BR] Dimensions: 171mm (L) x 151mm (W) x 330mm (H) [BR] Terminals: M8 Terminals [BR] Weight: 18.6KG [T:Uses:] [UL]- Home Alarms - Security Systems - Backup Power - Solar Energy Storage - Uninterruptible Power Supply[/UL]

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