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3V 225mAh CR2032 Coin Cell Battery

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[T:Description] Introducing the Panasonic 3V 225mAh CR2032 Coin Cell battery – your reliable, long-lasting power source for all kinds of devices. This specialised Lithium-Ion battery is ideal for items such as key fobs, remote controls, kitchen appliances, tools, calculators, and more. [BR] [BR] Panasonic is known for its high standards and quality in all its products, and this CR2032 Coin Cell battery is no exception. This battery is designed to provide lasting power with no decrease in performance or draining charge, no matter how much it's used. With its 225mAh capacity and 3V output, this Panasonic battery is built to last. Plus, it's incredibly easy to install; no special tools are required. [BR] [BR] For a reliable and long-lasting power source, pick up the Panasonic 3V 225mAh CR2032 Coin Cell battery today. [T:Tech Specs] Nominal voltage: 3V 225mAh [BR] Type: CR2032 Coin Cell Battery [BR] Weight: 2.9G [BR] Additional: -30c to +60c operating temperature range [T:Uses:] [UL]- Key Fobs - Remote Controls - Kitchen Appliances - Tools - Calculators - Watches - Garage Door Openers - Toys – Games - Door Bells - Pet Collars - LED Lights - Sporting Goods - Pedometers - Stopwatches - Medical Devices[/UL]



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